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Art Studios For Rent In London

You’ll find plenty of natural light flooding in to our art studios for rent in Islington, North London. Having a studio or gallery that provides plentiful natural light is essential for artists wishing to view their works in the most favourable conditions. In addition, the flexibility to have an open plan layout allows an unhindered creative process. There’s ample space to hold your largest and smallest works. Our studio spaces also allow the flexibility to create mezzanine levels. This allows generous separate space for both studio and gallery areas.

Art studios with plenty of natural light

Ranging from 3.5 to 5 metres from floor to ceiling, our art studios for rent are glass fronted and have a wall of natural light. Employees can also enjoy the open air, fenced-off communal zone. It’s an ideal area for a summer deck chair hangout and coffee in the Sun! There’s also a gym nearby and yoga studio, perfect for staff looking to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Broadband for all studios and galleries

It’s essential for any gallery or artist to allow viewing and purchase of artwork online. Our studios have up to 100MBs of fast broadband, which is more than ample for running an art studio in the digital world, with capacity for multiple devices to be connected simultaneously throughout the day.


We have art gallery and artist studio spaces available for rent from 500 to 10,000 sq. ft., starting at £1150 per month. In addition, our flexible spaces could be used for A2 (financial / professional services), B1 (studio/office) and D2 (Health and fitness, leisure, entertainment, games & sport), as well as A1, A3 or D1.

The Studios really is at the heart of all things London. Get inspired by taking a look at photos of The Studios Holloway and find your ideal art studio space with our availability checker. Contact us now to find out more about joining our creative community and locating your artist studio or gallery at Studios Holloway in Islington.