The Studios in Holloway is a creative hub of offices at the heart of an exciting North London development. Customisable office spaces range in size from 500 to 10,000 sq ft. Situated in the heart of Islington, the collection of spaces provide a cost effective, flexible solution for work, leisure, retail and fun office space to rent.


Enigma Escape, one of the residents, has turned their rented office space into an interactive escape game. It’s now listed as an attraction currently ranking #4 on Trip Advisor. Rather than having a fun space in the office they have used their rented space to create interactive fun experience. The units can be customised to fit the need of your business. At the Lego office in Denmark colourful playrooms are as a common as coffee. Having fun spaces at work are not always easy to create but at Enigma’s new studio, pure fun is their work.

Mixed leisure rented space

Sam, the founder of Enigma searched on Google for “rent D2 commercial space”. The Studio in Islington was listed and its mixed leisure license was perfect for allowing the Enigma experience. The next challenge was how to turn an open plan shell into an entertainment space.
“Only 1000 sq ft is not big at all, this is small,” explains Sam. “Designing the escape game around space I had was very tricky. There are lots of different rooms. I chose the theme that complemented this space.”
From the outside the labyrinth of rooms are not noticeable. Clever use of stud plasterboard walls, ingenious moving parts, sliding doors and other architectural trickery are hidden behind the unassuming glass fronted office.

How flexible is this the office space?

The Studios have a handy contractor who turned Enigma’s fun vision into reality. The feedback from the customers has been one of amazement at how 1000 sq. ft. can have so much going on inside.

Especially for our tenants that seek the flexibility of their own design, we have a good selection of studios that come in shell condition and have their services capped off.


We have office space available for rent from 500 to 10,000 sq ft, starting at £1,150 per month. Our workspaces have flexibility to be used for A2 (financial / professional services), B1 (studio /office) and D1 (training / educational / medical), as well as A1, A3 or D2.

We are conveniently situated adjacent to Holloway Road tube and a brief walk from Highbury & Islington. With Holloway Road’s urban buzz, and the established shops, bars and restaurants of Islington’s Upper Street nearby, The Studios really is at the heart of all things London.

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