Turbo Racing to start at RIAK

by chris

RIAK will be launching an online turbo racing series. Race against your mates, race against rival clubs, and do it in a safe intimate venue with a cracking atmosphere!

More details on the racing format will be released soon, but what we can tell you is the races will be short and sharp ridden over realistically simulated courses.  We can run crits around St Pauls, hill climbs up Box Hill, essentially anywhere we fancy.

Whilst the racing will be competitive and riders stacked against each other relative to their FTP in Watts per Kilo, the emphasis will be on creating a fun and social atmosphere with the spectators standing directly behind the racers cheering them on.

The best bit is, if you lack racing experience, this is the perfect way to start.  Because we are racing on the trainers over a simulated course, anyone can race anyone and no one gets left behind. All that happens at the end is we step off the bikes, grab a drink and some pizza and carry on the good time!

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